Investment & Development

CoCreate has pioneered the art of using turnaround as a strategy for investment / acquisition. Our strategy pre investment & post investment have shown how good practices of PE can be applied to early stage ventures & how a startup culture introduced to an SME can achieve growth rates & value generation capabilities of Venture businesses.



Cocreate Investment & Transformation Model:

  1. Companies that have raised Seed/Angel Round and are struggling to raise Series A
  2. Companies having raised Series A/B, struggling to grow/become profitable to provide PE exit to VCs
  3. Companies having reached certain size and scale, but growth & profitability tapering down

Entrepreneurial energy

  • We bring in entrepreneurial energy, expertise & resources to help businesses facing challenges, to turn around. If you are an investor challenged with liquidity or entrepreneurs needing help, a coffee with us can potentially uncover a new chapter. Do checkout our case studies on turn around. To schedule an appointment, write here.
  • Several innovative ventures die for the reasons that could have been prevented. We bring Expertise, Mentoring, Empathy and Investment to our companies, helping them to avoid failure and achieve their full potential

Benefits of working with us include

Aligning the business for a better future

  • We work with you to build the business plan and the product plan that not only expands the opportunity but captures the unforeseen value.
  • We help you restructure, cleanup the captable and align the company for a brighter future.
  • We help you define validation metrics to align strategies towards exit/ subsequent funding rounds.

We bring experience & execution capital

  • We take our role as “CoCreators ” seriously. We bring our expertise in Finance, Product, Technology, Business models, Marketing, and Operations We are entrepreneurs @ heart, and we want to help you succeed.
  • As part of venture growth Lab, we have empaneled experts in technology, marketing, distribution and functions who work under our supervision in exchange for equity.
  • We help you find co founders and senior management missing in your execution strategy.


Massive turn around of, an Omni channel subscription service for knowledge

Great asset
Had invested 20 crores+ in assets & strong brand
Assets of 30 Crores+
10 Crores revenue with losses
Challenged with lack of interest by VC


CoCreate Investment & Transformation Model


Hit 2nd year of EBITA positive growth & very strong unit economy
Managerial lead & strong processes
Ready for raising a large capital from PE

CASE STUDY 2 : BONHOMIA, a third wave coffee capsule subscription business

14 crores+ was invested by marquee angels
Strong brand, great product
Very high burn, too niche a segment, too early in to market


CoCreate Investment & Transformation Model


Profitable from 2nd quarter
Increase market size with expanded product offering
Currently experimenting with an idea that is massively big & PE scale

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