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  • Who We Are?

    We are investors, business transformers, venture builders and business cocreators with decades of entrepreneurial, company building and investing experience.

  • What do we do?

    We invest in, transform and build innovative businesses.

    We partner and help traditional businesses/family offices to incubate/create, manage/accelerate and build new businesses/products that are strategically relevant in a digital and innovation driven world.

    We partner with venture investors, private equity investors and corporates and help in managing their portfolios, companies and innovation portfolios including incubation, spin offs, recaps, and pivots.

    We advise, design and build outcome-driven innovation & start-ups assets program with and for corporates and businesses including scouting, building, launching and co-investing in new ideas and businesses.

  • Whom do we work with

    You are a traditional business house. You see a huge opportunity in playing in the new economy. But you need a partner to structure the right idea & help you plan & execute to grab the opportunity.

    You are a traditional business who is finding succession/ growth issues in the business you have built or business you have acquired & feel right Entrepreneurial energy can fix the solution.

    You are an investor where you have invested in ideas that are interesting & worth surviving. But companies are struggling for many reasons like bad execution, bad solution problem fit, not able to raise capital, Entrepreneur fatigue amongst others.

    You have a disruptive idea and have built an early version of the product leveraging seed capital/ your own investment. You see some traction / value in the IP but not good enough to get you to next round of financing.

    You have a unique and interesting business at a reasonable scale. But you could not raise capital when the going was good. Your story is looking stale, growth on a flat trajectory. You want a partner to help you explore new opportunities that can bring you back to a great position.

    You built a great product and got too early in to a market, only to realize you got your product market fit wrong, worse, you spent all your money in marketing to wrong audience. You need a partner to evaluate and help you pivot.

    Your investors, senior employees, cofounder or your self looking to exit and chase a new opportunity. You need a partner who can come and bring new energy to business that was built with lot of sweat and money.


We take handson approach to solving challenges of venture creation. Our programs & solutions are unique & focused around solving specific issues that our partners face. Some of our solutions include

  • SPV for venture building

    We work with traditional/family offices to build an SPV that can leverage investments & turnaround as a powerful tool for building a strong portfolio.

    Learn More
  • Transforming Businesses

    We help with traditional businesses dealing with the challenges of navigating in the new digital centric business environment to create a strategy & execution that match the best of the disruptive startups. Our highly structured cocreate Next program.

    Learn More
  • Liquidity for Investors

    Our turnaround investment strategy is a great solution for existing angels/ VC’s struggling with portfolios. Our unique approach not only helps investors to find new avenues of making their investment work.

    Learn More
  • Succession planning

    We work with several traditional/family businesses with succession planning & distress management.

    Learn More


CoCreate has pioneered the art of using turnaround as a strategy for investment / acquisition. Our strategy pre investment & post investment have shown how good practices of PE can be applied to early stage ventures & how a startup culture introduced to an SME can achieve growth rates & value generation capabilities of Venture businesses. Learn More

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Our existing team of resources to help in fund raising, technology, digital & business development. Know more


Our team of experts bring required expertise to help you strategize & execute plan. Know more

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CoCreate is an ideal platform for experts & professionals wanting to get the best of startup & stability. Know more